Youth Confirmation
The process for Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Helen is a 2-year journey
that may begin as soon as a youth is a freshman. 

Highschool student must enroll in faith formation to begin the process towards confirmation.

Requirements are listed on the youth faith formation page
The requirements are meant to help your family grow in holiness and help the candidate gain a better understanding of the sacrament they are receiving, build a relationship with Christ and help them belong in order to believe.

“When we receive the Holy Spirit in our heart and allow Him to act, Christ Himself makes Himself present in us and molds our life.”
Pope Francis

The Sacrament of Confirmation confers upon us being sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, to live out fully and give witness to our Catholic faith

Retreat Registration Form HERE

You can drop off your filled out registration at the office during business hours with payment or you can drop it off in the night box by Braden Center in the back of the office building.

More information can be found on our Youth Faith Formation page here.

Contact: Miriam Escobar 281-485-0222 or

Adult Confirmation:

Please find information on our Adult Confirmation program here.