Talks and Events

February 2022 – Catholic Trivia Night! Feb 25, 2022 at 7pm

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December 2021 – Advent Parish Mission

Audio of the St. Helen Advent Parish Mission talks can be found here:

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November 2021 – The Mystery of the Mass

Ever get bored at Mass or distracted? Want to get more out of Mass? All are welcome to come to a series of talks given by Father José about we can enter in more deeply into the Mystery of the Mass. Find out why the Mass is so important, what happens at the Mass, why it’s called a sacrifice, what makes up the different parts, and the underlying meaning of all the signs, prayers, gestures, etc. There will be opportunities for Q&A as well! We’ll meet at around 7:30pm in the Church (just after the Monday evening Mass) on the following days:

Mystery of the Mass outline handout