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By the grace of the Holy Spirit and united by the Eucharist, the community of St. Helen is one of teaching, ministering, and worshiping, bringing all closer to God.


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Welcome to the St. Helen Catholic School Website!

We at St. Helen are very proud of all that our school represents: an educational community that prepares children to relate positively to others and to use their talents to make effective contributions within society. Secured on a foundation of Christian values, our program incorporates strong academics, arts, athletics, community service, and family involvement to help students develop exceptional intellectual and social skills.
Our theme this year is "St. Helen Catholic School: Lights the Way" A lighthouse shines as a beacon for ships, guiding them safely along their journeys until they arrive at their final destinations. In the same way, our school provides the Light of Christ for students to help them along their individual paths. Just as the lighthouse requires a strong source of light in order to fulfill its purpose, so too does our school need the presence of Christ in order to guide students along a path that is in keeping with the Catholic faith.

We are blessed with outstanding teachers and support staff who encourage students to discover their individual strengths and interests, as they receive all the benefits of a top-notch curriculum. Our most valuable resource, however, is our Catholic faith and identity. As a school, we will continue to foster the Light of Christ in our hearts and minds, and to keep Christ ever-present in our daily actions. Through service projects, daily prayers, and a strong Christian spirit, we will keep the Light of Christ burning brightly in our school.

Mission Statement

We, the community of St. Helen Catholic School, firmly believe that learning is a life-long process to be nurtured and sustained at all levels.

At the heart of the educational process is the faith formation of all persons, especially our students, through the personal commitment of each staff member and an academic program centered on Christian values.

To this end we strive to meet the following goals:

  • Recognize the uniqueness of each individual student.
  • Educate the whole person spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.
  • Celebrate our Catholic traditions through daily prayer, regular liturgical and sacramental experiences, and a solid program of religious studies.
  • Provide updated instruction in all cognitive areas.
  • Enhance the curriculum with regular classes and programs in the fine arts, music, band, drama, and writing.
  • Offer multi-dimensional experiences in physical education, self-esteem building activities, and cultural programs.
  • Use developmentally appropriate teaching methods in every educational endeavor.
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St. Helen Catholic School was founded in 1996 through the vision and generosity of the parishioners of St. Helen Catholic Church. In August 1997 we began classes on the church grounds. In February 1998 the new school building was opened. The new school building is well equipped and features spacious classrooms, a library, and large science and computer labs.

Currently the school offers enrollment in kindergarten through eighth grade.

St. Helen Catholic School is located in Pearland, Texas, and is easily accessible via Sam Houston Beltway, Interstate 45, and State Highway 288. View map.

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Philosophy of Education

The St. Helen community is composed of all members of the Parish and School: students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, clergy, and support personnel. All members of the community are united in the common goal of witnessing to the presence of Jesus Christ in the world.


At St. Helen Catholic School, a sound academic program is taught by qualified teachers. The core curriculum courses are religion, reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. Language arts focuses on phonics, reading, comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar. Art, music, P.E., computer, and Spanish are also an important part of our academic program.

Enrichment opportunities include the following activities:

  • Weekly liturgies
  • Field trips
  • Celebration of Catholic School Week
  • Spelling bees
  • Book fairs
  • Science fairs
  • Japanese culture and language classes during social studies
  • Houston Chronicle in the classroom promotes the importance of character development and person integrity.
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Focus on the Whole Child

Catholic schools focus on a Christ-centered, spiritual environment while providing a strong academic curriculum. There is an emphasis on teaching moral and ethical values within the context of Catholic tradition. Each school day begins with a prayer. All students receive daily instruction in religion. Students and staff participate in weekly communal worship through Mass and para-liturgies. Service to others is emphasized throughout the school year. Students participate in various enrichment activities, which include the following:

  • Christian Helping Hands
  • Helping needy families at Thanksgiving
  • Visiting senior citizens
  • "Adopting" needy children at Christmas
  • Collecting money for Holy Childhood
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Admission to St. Helen Catholic School is based on availability of space, scholastic qualifications,and resources available to meet student needs. In addition, the following admission priorities are considered during registration:

  • Families attending the school
  • St. Helen Parishioners
  • Families in other Catholic parishes
  • Open registration

The school adheres to the policies stipulated by the Diocese of Galveston-Houston for admissions. State of Texas guidelines are followed regarding age requirements:

  • Kindergarten students must be five years of age by September 1
  • First-grade students must be six years of age by September 1

All new students must have a copy of the following records:

  • A birth certificate
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Social security card
  • Sacramental records
  • In grades 1-8, all standardized test scores and report cards from previously attended schools


Our students proudly wear St. Helen Catholic School uniforms. The careful selection of the uniform is exclusive to our School. The uniform policy is enforced.

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